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Corey Landis has just finished work on Therapy Dog, his fourth long-player for Urban Myth.

Nobody matches pathos, humor, intensity and despair with the loveliest, most melancholic melodies quite like Corey does, and these nine new tunes do not disappoint. Even in this cluttered, post-scarcity world, we think it’s a break-up album for the ages, and one that will warm the cockles of your dear, dark heart with its stunning bitterness and thrilling beauty. This will be UM’s second release on vinyl. (Should we even bother with those CD thingies? Do y’all even still buy those?)

Therapy Dog was written, arranged, recorded, mixed, produced, and — wait for it — performed in its entirety by Corey around his “adopted home town” L.A.

The track listing as we go to press*:

Side A:
Natural Disaster
Everybody’s Leaving Everyone
Therapy Dog
Wrong About Me

Side B:
After The Coffee
Be Nice To Me
Honey, I’m Home

Physical release date and tasty digital morsels coming soon to teh internets near you.


*Not actually going to press in any sense of the word. Not even if you count WordPress. Which you shouldn’t.

Some more cool radio interviews this week:

Dan and Corey will be live on Toronto’s Commercial Alternative Powerhouse 102.1 The Edge (us old timers still call it CFNY) this Friday around 6:15 PM to talk about their alleged careers and their “big Toronto show” at C’est What? (also this Friday, starting around 10 PM, with Noyan Hilmi of Five Blank Pages representing for the 905).

This is been a serious life-long dream of Bryk’s, as they will chat with Toronto indie music icon Dave Bookman, and have promised not to swear as much as they do on their records. CFNY has a live stream for you out-of-towners.

Dan will also be the interview guest of Shelagh Rogers(!) on CBC Radio One’s Sounds Like Canada this Friday morning at 10 AM EST. Tune in across Canada on CBC Radio One, or listen on the internets.

Through the elfin magic of ISDN (we prefer to think it’s “the pixies”), Dan sat down at WUNC’s studios in Chapel Hill and had a nice chat with Shelagh, who’s in Vancouver. How cool is that?

Other Landis news: in a match that seems blatantly obvious yet wonderfully apropos, Upright Citizens Brigade theater in L.A. is using Corey’s demo for See You Next Tuesday as the opening theme for their show of the same name. Go check out their great shows (some of which are FREE).

The song will be re-recorded for Corey’s next record, due “around the same time Christ the Lord returns.” He said it, we supplied the gratuitous link.

For now, check it out over at Corey’s site.

Shhhhh… do you hear it? That sweet sound?

That’s Corey Landis’ Self-Titled (some might even call it eponymous) record, which is finally, quietly available through the intercession of those endless tubes of commerce we call the interweb.

Listen first, then buy over at CD Baby

Download it from the iTunes

Or just get it at with the rest of your gold box items.

It’s been over a year in the making, and it’s easily Corey’s best sounding record of his strongest batch of songs. We know everyone says that, but this time it’s true. Like a Long Beach circus carney might shout, “ladies and gentlemen, we have a WINNER!”

Feauring Corey’s piano in the forefront of simple, acoustic arrangements, the record evokes the darkly humorous and off-kilter west coast albums of the ’70s (the “good old days”, right?) singer-songwriter era (Randy Newman’s “Sail Away”, Tom Waits’s “Small Change”, Elton John’s self-titled album, etc.) with both feet planted firmly in a thoroughly dystopian El Lay of the present.

Corey Landis (the album, not the person) features wonderful string and woodwind arrangements by film composer Joey Newman (of the same Newman film-scoring dynasty as Lionel, Alfred, Thomas, and most tellingly, Randy) and was mixed by Greg Hayes (Warren Zevon, Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen) at historic–and now defunct–Signet Sound, former home of Motown West.

Read more about it here or at Corey’s spiffy new website.

Yes, literally in the studio.

Check out this super cool footage of Corey and arranger Joey Newman putting a string section through their paces. It kind of reminds us of that studio footage of Short People from the Little Criminals DVD by Joey’s cousin Randy

Corey’s new album, currently titled Corey Landis drops in 2007.

Corey Landis’ songs New Year and Shine were voted semi-finalists in the International Songwriting Competition, with New Year making it all the way to the finals. Being in the top 1.4 percent of 15,000 entrants gets Corey’s song heard and judged by one of his heroes, Tom Waits, as well as Legend Loretta Lynn (were Corey to look upon her, he’d be looking at Country!), Isaac Brock of Modest Mouse, Joss Stone, and others.

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Peace, a short film starring That ’70s Show‘s Kurtwood Smith, will screen at Hollywood’s Chinese Theater on 10/9/05 as a part of the F.A.I.F. Film Festival.  Featured prominently in the short is Urban Myth artist Corey Landis in the form of his song, “I’ll Never Buy You Flowers” (from 2003’s Feast of Scraps) which plays over the film’s climactic scene and closing credits.

April 30, 1927: Practicing for the very first footprint ceremony, Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks, and Sid Grauman (kneeling). We’re hoping to see Landis doing this someday…


Corey Landis’s second Urban Myth release 14 Old Messages is now available from CDBaby,, and download retailers including the iTunes Music Store. 

Opening with a musically twisted answering machine message and ending with a heartrending ballad, 14 Old Messages deftly swings between extremes of regret and quiet rebellion. 

What says “This kid could become the next great singer/songwriter of our generation.”

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