Corey Landis Trains Therapy Dog

Corey Landis has just finished work on Therapy Dog, his fourth long-player for Urban Myth.

Nobody matches pathos, humor, intensity and despair with the loveliest, most melancholic melodies quite like Corey does, and these nine new tunes do not disappoint. Even in this cluttered, post-scarcity world, we think it’s a break-up album for the ages, and one that will warm the cockles of your dear, dark heart with its stunning bitterness and thrilling beauty. This will be UM’s second release on vinyl. (Should we even bother with those CD thingies? Do y’all even still buy those?)

Therapy Dog was written, arranged, recorded, mixed, produced, and — wait for it — performed in its entirety by Corey around his “adopted home town” L.A.

The track listing as we go to press*:

Side A:
Natural Disaster
Everybody’s Leaving Everyone
Therapy Dog
Wrong About Me

Side B:
After The Coffee
Be Nice To Me
Honey, I’m Home

Physical release date and tasty digital morsels coming soon to teh internets near you.


*Not actually going to press in any sense of the word. Not even if you count WordPress. Which you shouldn’t.

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