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The reviews of Dan Bryk’s Pop Psychology are trickling in, but they’re pretty enthusiastic thus far:
“A strong candidate for best album of the year. Dan Bryk’s new cd is a triumph of intelligence and wit, an oasis in a world full of idiots. [50 Best Albums of 2009]” –Lucid Culture
“…a Clipse for Burt Bacharach fans, peddling witty cynicism like crack. Pop Psychology adds up to an acerbic but ultimately forgiving snapshot of the mercurial musical world Bryk inhabits. [7.4/10]” –Pitchfork
“…a treasure that few will unearth, but one that will be held tight by all that take the time to listen. I know that sounds like hyperbole, and maybe it is, but there is something precious about how Bryk sees the world that has raised him up only to drag him down.” –Hero Hill
“…each clever turn of phrase, jangly guitar, layer of odd instrumentation, and overdubbed vocal is a revelation. And with every release he continues to upgrade, update, and redefine what is possible from the simple pop song.” –songs:Illinois
La lucha continua. 

Some shows coming up this month…
Cambridge, MA – The Lilypad
Friday, October 2 — 10 pm
Brooklyn NY – Freddy’s Back Room
Sunday, October 4 — 8pm
East Village NYC – Banjo Jim’s
Friday, October 9 — 8 p.m

Dan Bryk‘s long-delayed, tortured-epic-as-pop-record Pop Psychology is available for streaming and download at downloads.bryk.com RIGHT NOW.

And the REALLY crazy part is, thanks to either the recession, a desire for web 2.0-ness, slavish devotion to Radiohead, submission to the right brain or whatever crazy rationale(s) Mr. Bryk might have up his sleeve, he’s gone and made the entire album available for FREE for a limited time (we’d prefer to think of it as “pay what you can”, which in fact, you very easily may.)  Pop Psychology will be available on all normal download services next month, but here’s your chance to listen (and spread the word) early…

We are super excited to (twice!) be part of the third Triangle Compulation released by the excellent Durham NC label Pox World Empire. The album features a sweet sweet collection of the créme de la Triangle indie rock scene and includes brand new songs by our very own Bull City and Dan Bryk (full tracklist after the bump).
This Saturday night (4/25) Bull City will be playing the release party for the Compulation at the Chapel Hill’s Local 506. Also playing will be Auxilliary House, Filthybird, Midtown Dickens, and an appearance by the Pox Family Singers. Plus the show will be the world premiere of their song from the comp!
Bull City plays first at 9 PM. 
Order yourself a copy at http://www.poxworldempire.org/compulation3/ or pick one up at the show! 
Full Track Listing:  

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Down By Avalon return to The Cave in Chapel Hill this Sunday, July 13th, with labelmates Dan Bryk and Chris Warren (who will also be making his Triangle debut in support of his forthcoming album Night For Day.)

Down By Avalon’s own self-titled debut disc is finally available from CDBaby and a variety of online stores (including iTunes, amazon.com, eMusic, Napster, Rhapsody, as well as ringtones and downloads directly to your phone from Bell, Sprint, T-Mobile, Rogers and Verizon…)

Down By Avalon has quietly been picking up some fantastic reviews:

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Dan Bryk’s long-threatened Pop Psychology takes a few steps away from myth this week. In the past month, Bryk has mixed 6/11ths of the album at his Flabby Road abode, finalized the cover art and even settled on a track listing.

Bryk insists that the album, five years in the making (even accounting for some large periods of procrastination and uh, suicidal ideation) will be finished by the end of the month because “I have to return some audio gear to its rightful owners before they send people over to the house to fuck me up.”


Here’s the cover:





Here’s the track listing:


1. Treat o’ the Week
2. Discount Store
3. The Next Best Thing
4. Apologia
5. Horizons, In My Way
6. City Of…
7. I Won’t Make That Mistake Again
8. My Own Worst Enemy
9. Street Team
10. My Alleged Career
11. Whatever Doesn’t Kill You Can Still Make You Cry

Here’s everything else we know about the record (according to Bryk):

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Urban Myth artistes Bull City and Dan Bryk have both been voted by the music writers of the Raleigh Independent to The Triangle’s best 35 songs of 2007 list: Bull City for their epic track Game and Bryk for his quasi-jingle Discount Store.

This dropkicks ’em alongside many of our local faves: Bowerbirds, Future Kings of Nowhere, Hammer No More The Fingers, Red Collar, Schooner, and (winner of the UM office pool for best band name of 2007) I Was Totally Destroying It. Yaaaaay to everyone who didn’t make the list too.

Download the mixtape of all 35 tracks here and discover why they still call Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill “not a bad place for music.”

No, really.

Interview with Bryk in today’s Daily Tar Heel.

Bryk is chuffed to be opening for T-Dot local heroes The Golden Dogs at Local 506 next Monday Nov. 19th.

In Kevin Bacon terms: Bryk played in The American Flag with Paul Aucoin, who produced the Golden Dogs new CD “Big Eye Little Eye”, which was released in Canada by True North Records (label home of former Bryk drummer Howie Beck) and in the US by local NC label Yep Roc. Dave and Jessica from The Dogs sing backups on The Bicycles “The Good The Bad and the Cuddly”, which was produced by… Bryk.

Dan Bryk will be appearing on CBC Radio One’s Definitely Not The Opera this Saturday Sept 15th.

Bryk will be interviewed by host Sook-Yin Lee, and has been asked to perform an acoustic version of Discount Store.

DNTO airs Saturday afternoons across Canada at 1:00 p.m. (1:30 in Newfoundland) on CBC Radio One.

You can also catch the show on Sirius Satellite Radio channel 137 – Saturdays at 11:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.

And if you’re in Chicago or Seattle, you can catch the show on public radio: WBEZ in Chicago Sunday at midnight, and on KXOT in Seattle Saturday at 9:00 a.m.

UPDATE: We managed to record the interview from WBEZ, and we’ve archived it here.