Commissioners Cover BLOWN!

Well, THAT happened quick!

Intrepid reporter Ryan Teague Beckwith broke the story of our good-natured hoax on the FRONT FREAKING PAGE of yesterday’s Raleigh News & Observer. (Talk about a slow news day!) There’s even a Bryk pic!

Mr. Beckwith, who also writes the N&O’s “Under The Dome” state politics blog claims to have figured out Bryk/tha Commish’s dual identity by following his email IP like breadcrumbs… but we know that one of you gave us up 😉

Tha Commissioners have clocked over 2000 myspace hits since yesterday morning. Cherry Berry is not only free to play and download, but appears as a hidden bonus track on Bryk’s new EP Discount Store.

Read the whole story on the N&O website.

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