Finally!! Some new Bryk!

Dan Bryk has finally gotten off his considerable ass and headed back into the studio to finish TWO new releases!

The first, Pop Psychology, is a small scale concept album about his life and loves in the career of rock. Filled with the careening, mildly ambitious pop that has earned him footnotes in dissertations and dozens of screaming fans, it adds yet another handful of great pop songs to the (perhaps that should read his) canon.

The second is Forget You, an EP featuring a handful of amazing tracks from Bryk’s as-yet-untitled next album and some filler. And a lawsuit-begging sleeve that was a hilarious idea for YEARS. At least, until the cover of “Guilty Pleasures” stared at us from the counter at Starbucks last month. Oh, well.

Add to that a new CD and shows with Down By Avalon, Dan’s other band, and it’s gonna be a busy summer!

Something to add?