Luke Jackson: A Little Voice (in the studio with Robert Kirby)

Recording session for the string parts of the song “A Little Voice” from Luke Jackson’s album “…And Then Some” at the Aerosol Grey Machine recording studio in Sweden. Robert Kirby conducts the October 2nd strings – nine players from Malmö’s Opera Orchestra. Christoffer Lundquist is producing.

From Luke’s recording blog:

This piece had been around for five or six years as a short instrumental. I didn’t know if I would even put it on record, but after Robert agreed to write some string arrangements I felt that this little piece might become something special, so I fleshed it out and wrote some lyrics for it the week before the May sessions, and sure enough Robert wound up writing a truly magical orchestration for the song.

In this clip you’ll hear the whole song, and part way through we’ll leave the string session and I’ll show you a clip of Christoffer trying out a dulcitone part the following day with a little help from the studio kitten. We actually wound up leaving the dulcitone part off the finished mix so this is the only place you’ll ever hear it!

from the full studio blog, go to:

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