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Now this is intriguing! Lee Feldman’s celebrated music/animation spectacular Starboy will be presented to the Secret Science Club.

The details:

Wednesday March 7, 2007
Astrophysicist and Director of the Hayden Planetarium Neil deGrasse Tyson lectures, followed by a showing of Starboy.

And in case you were wondering,

The Secret Science Club is a series of talks by scientists followed by music.
It is open to the public and meets the first Wednesday of every month in the basement of Union Hall bar in Park Slope, Brooklyn.
Union Hall is at 702 Union St. (at 5th Ave.) in Park Slope
Web: unionhallny.com

It doesn’t get much nerdier than that! Mark your PalmPilot.

In recent financial news, Lee Feldman (NYSE: ROCK) will be performing at New York’s International Pop Overthrow Festival on Monday, November 13th at Baggot Inn, NYC. (That’s Baggot with a B.)

In other exiciting Feldman news, young and upcoming filmmaker Maya Mumma is making a documentary about Lee, “focusing on his life, music, apartment, etc.” Apparently the soundtrack may actually feature music by… Lee Feldman. Imagine that!

Some reviews of I’ve Forgotten Everything you might have missed…

“Imagine if Charlie Brown made pop records…”

Blog in Dm
“Blending irony and wit, seasoning with tasteful piano improvisations and grooves, Feldman and his band –a tight group– sing and play sensitive songs about uncomfortable situations. Tin Pan Alley on Prozac.”

Talkin’ Broadway Sound Advice
“It’s a change-of-pace dreamy trip, not in any particular genre for any length of time, but some of this is theatrical in its own little way.”

“Zip up your Chicken Little suits. Fall’s coming.”

And lastly, a post-post-facto rave review of Always Till Always from Mocking Music that begins “I’m pretty sure Feldman is a pop genius.”

Lee Feldman was featured alongside Antony, Ed Pastorini, Bjork, Susanne Abbeuhl and Peter Gabriel(!) in a recent WNYC New Sounds program entitled Piano and Voice.

“Not So Simple Songs: This New Sounds highlights evocative but enigmatic songs for that apparently simplest of combinations – piano and voice.”

Listen to New Sounds (Lee’s Me and My Sara Remaining opens the show.)

“Lee Feldman’s I’ve Forgotten Everything is unlike anything else in contemporary pop… If you have a passion for good songwriting, you need this album.”
We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

“I’ve Forgotten Everything” REVIEW
September 2006, by Art Dudley  

Then there’s Lee Feldman, a classically trained pop musician who brings a strong if decidedly off-center sense of melody to the art of traditional American songwriting, and whose lyrics betray a poetic sensibility in tune with the best of the 20th century Americans (especially Theodore Roethke, whose “My Papa’s Waltz” could easily hide on one of Feldman’s albums).  All of which is to say that Lee Feldman is unclassifiable. Continue reading

Good grief!! UM geto supastar Lee Feldman recently had to send a proxy to Toronto’s NXNE after busting up his knee so bad it required emergency surgery.

The good news is, Lee and his errant knee are feeling well enough to head out on the road for a few mid-summer dates:

Sat., July 29th 08:00 PM
Ashland Coffee & Tea
100 N. Railroad Avenue, Ashland, VA 23005
Door: $10.00
Opening for Chris Moore

Sunday, July 30th 08:00 PM
The Cave
452 1/2 W. Franklin Street, Chapel Hill, NC
Door: PWYL
with the above-mentioned Chris Moore and Dan Bryk

This show will be Webcast LIVE so even if you’re not in NC, there’s no excuse for missing this great line-up! Continue reading

Just a reminder, Lee is playing a CD release party with Byron Isaacs (Bass) and Bill Dobrow (Drums) at the Rockwood Music Hall, on 196 Allen (between Houston & Stanton) at 7:00 on March 23rd.

Here’s a nice little preview from this week’s New Yorker:

Lee Feldman, a piano-playing songwriter from Brooklyn, is a fixture on the downtown scene. In the late nineties, he received acclaim for his début album, “Living It All Wrong,” and scored a contract with Mercury Records. But the label got caught in an industry merger and it never released his follow-up, “The Man in a Jupiter Hat,” which Feldman eventually put out himself. Known for tight pop tales of urban life, little vignettes tempered by an incisive sense of humor, Feldman has collected a group of solid local musicians around him, including Teddy Thompson, Steven Bernstein, and Greta Gertler, all of whom contributed to his new record, “I’ve Forgotten Everything.” On March 23, Feldman, backed by his longtime bass-and-drum trio, celebrates the album’s release.


The Urban Myth Recording Collective proudly welcomes Lee Feldman to the fold!

“Lee Feldman wants to take you back to those innocent days before critics applied the term “singer-songwriter” to any prefabricated pixie who tossed Babyface a few lyrics over sushi.” – Salon.com

After months of heated negotiations (well, Lee kept asking “What the hell is a pop music collective anyway?”) we are proud to announce the imminent release of I’ve Forgotten Everything, the stunning third album from the Broadminded Bard of Brooklyn (he’ll probably hate that!) Lee Feldman. Continue reading