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Dear friends,

It’s just a few days until my big album launch show on Thursday night (November 6th) at The Rivoli in Toronto.

This is the only scheduled local show, and surely the only show I’ll do with a band and a string quartet for a long time, so you really don’t want to miss it.

The album comes out tomorrow (Tuesday the 4th) all over North America. Theoretically, you can buy it in any bricks and mortar record store in North America, but in reality, if you like to support your local record store (and I love you if you do), you’ll probably have to order it. Just tell the store that the album is distributed by Darla (in the States) or F.A.B. (if you’re in Canada).

If you want to order the CD online, there are many options. Our own Popsicle Webshop has the CD and LP versions of the album as well as the Come Tomorrow 45/DVD/hidden download package. Not Lame is a long-time favourite vendor of superlative pop music, as is KoolKatMusik. You can also buy the CD at the ubiquitous CD Baby, and if you’re in Japan, Apple Crumble Records and Fastcut Records both carry the CD and the Come Tomorrow 45/DVD.

If you like to click and download, every major seller of zeroes and ones carries the album, including itunes, amazon, emusic, and rhapsody, and you’ll be able to download the booklet as a PDF file as soon as goes live (any day now!)

All the best,



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