Worldwide Praise for Luke’s Jackson’s …And Then Some continues to pour in…

“…an eloquent, expressive set that exudes both confidence and an enthusiasm that’s downright infectious. Jackson’s drive and desire race at full throttle. And yet, in those moments of sublime repose, where the strings swell and the emotions soar, he demonstrates an intrinsic taste, craft and intelligence that affirm his natural pop pedigree. “It’s only January, but it’s not too early to declare … And Then Some one of the most significant discoveries of the year.” 9/10
– Lee Zimmerman, Blurt

“I had never heard of Luke Jackson before but today he is the smartest man alive!”
– What To Wear During An Orange Alert

“The sweet guitar fills, the cascading harmonies, Jackson’s happy as heck vocals — it’s all here, a complete pop package.”
– Mike Bennett, Hablo Ennui

“Wer auf knackigen Pop-Rock und atmosphärische, melancholische Kleinode steht, der wird hier bestens bedient.”
– Markus Kerren,

“Sounding something like Teenage Fanclub if they were lost in Scandinavia and developed a taste for string sections …And Then Some is power pop paradise that’s as lush as it is poppy. With lush, delicate arrangements, the tender moments on …And Then Some become even more poignant and emotional…”A Little Voice,” is a perfect example of this as Luke Jackson gently plucks his guitar to a harmonizing string arrangement that makes the song so hauntingly fragile that it sounds as if the song might just break. Songs like these are intimate heartfelt breathers that show Luke Jackson to be in touch with his soul; they truly are stunning songs.”

– Paul Zimmerman, First Coast News 

“Från de här förtsättningarna får vi helt enkelt en snygg, nittiotalsinspirerad britpopplatta med snygga arrangemang”
– Petter Seander, Red Hot Rock Magazine

“Instantly catchy choruses and plenty of dreamy harmonies. This is a expressive album that wears it’s heart on it’s sleeve. Fans of Bleu, Jeff Lynne, Canadian or Swedish power pop will flip for Luke Jackson. Just an excellent album that touches the spectrum of emotions. 8/10
-Aaron Kupferberg,

“A Little Voice is the kind of affecting rumination that would resonate widely (instead of just deeply) if only some enterprising song wrangler were to place it over the closing scene to a Grey’s Anatomy episode.” 
– John Sakamoto, Toronto Star

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Here’s a message from Luke’s blog

Dear friends,

It’s just a few days until my big album launch show on Thursday night (November 6th) at The Rivoli in Toronto.

This is the only scheduled local show, and surely the only show I’ll do with a band and a string quartet for a long time, so you really don’t want to miss it.

The album comes out tomorrow (Tuesday the 4th) all over North America. Theoretically, you can buy it in any bricks and mortar record store in North America, but in reality, if you like to support your local record store (and I love you if you do), you’ll probably have to order it. Just tell the store that the album is distributed by Darla (in the States) or F.A.B. (if you’re in Canada).

If you want to order the CD online, there are many options. Our own Popsicle Webshop has the CD and LP versions of the album as well as the Come Tomorrow 45/DVD/hidden download package. Not Lame is a long-time favourite vendor of superlative pop music, as is KoolKatMusik. You can also buy the CD at the ubiquitous CD Baby, and if you’re in Japan, Apple Crumble Records and Fastcut Records both carry the CD and the Come Tomorrow 45/DVD.

If you like to click and download, every major seller of zeroes and ones carries the album, including itunes, amazon, emusic, and rhapsody, and you’ll be able to download the booklet as a PDF file as soon as goes live (any day now!)

All the best,




Luke Jackson‘s second UM release …And Then Some will be our very first release on glorious half-speed mastered, 180-gram audiophile 12″ vinyl, in a snazzy gatefold sleeve of naked children traipsing about Dunluce Castle… no, wait, that’s Houses of the Holy. But we can assure you it has a photo of the world’s most photogenic labrador retriever.

…And Then Some’s lead-off single “Come Tomorrow” will be available as a fetching 7-inch vinyl single (also in a gatefold sleeve!) with a bonus DVD of the song’s music video to boot. 

Both are released in association with Luke’s own Popsicle Recordings, with whom we also released Favorita, the self-titled, posthumous debut album by the nineties Swedish pop phenoms of the same name.

No coincidence, then, that Favorita frontman Magnus Börjeson (of the much beloved Beagle and more recently Metro Jets) is the bassist on Luke’s new record, which was recorded in Sweden with pop wünderkind Christoffer Lundquist…

Release date on both releases imminent.