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“In addition to being a great songwriter, Amy Allison is also one of the funniest performers around. Once she gets going it pretty much steamrolls from there, but this time out, playing solo for most of the show, she basically stuck to the set list without a lot of interplay with the crowd. Instead, it was a night of masterfully crafted, minute inflections that packed a wallop: she can say more with the careful twist of a phrase than most singers can in an album’s worth of songs…” for more follow the link:

It’s with considerable pleasure we welcome Amy Allison to the fold of Urban Myth artistes.

Over the span of five records and hundreds of shows, Amy has carved herself a unique place in the pantheon of great American songwriters. Fans since we heard her classic album “No Frills Friend”, we finally met Amy over drinks with Lee Feldman and quickly decided to join forces to release her stellar new record Sheffield Streets.

Don Heffington produced the album in LA with a cast of amazing musicians (Greg Leisz, Bob Glaub, Josh Grange, hell… Van Dyke Parks plays accordion) and he and Amy just knock it out of the park.

The album is primarily new songs (check out the stunning new ballads “Everywhere You Are” and “Dream World”) though Amy revisits a few of her older tunes at Don’s behest (remaking “Everybody Ought To Know” as a Loretta-and-Lee duet with Dave Alvin, and a fantastic girl-groupy arrangement of her old band Parlor James’ “Why Must It Be?”).

We’ll leave it up to the sell sheet to do the selling, but we’re really chuffed to work with Amy and super proud of this record.

Sheffield Streets is already available for listening and download through Amy’s BandCamp mini site and will hit iTunes, Amazon MP3, Rhapsody and your favourite download service on June 17th. Our projected street date for CDs is June 23rd, although CDBaby may have copies available sooner than that.

Check it out, and please feel free to share this widget with your friends:


Updates: Sheffield Streets’ first review from Scotish Blog The Next Big Thing and a nice little article/preview of one of Amy’s recent gigs from Worcester Magazine.

We are super excited to (twice!) be part of the third Triangle Compulation released by the excellent Durham NC label Pox World Empire. The album features a sweet sweet collection of the créme de la Triangle indie rock scene and includes brand new songs by our very own Bull City and Dan Bryk (full tracklist after the bump).
This Saturday night (4/25) Bull City will be playing the release party for the Compulation at the Chapel Hill’s Local 506. Also playing will be Auxilliary House, Filthybird, Midtown Dickens, and an appearance by the Pox Family Singers. Plus the show will be the world premiere of their song from the comp!
Bull City plays first at 9 PM. 
Order yourself a copy at or pick one up at the show! 
Full Track Listing:  

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We got a message today from Bull City’s Jim Brantley: 
“Next Thursday, 3/19 Bull City is playing one of our favorite venues – the Cave in Chapel Hill. We have the night all to ourselves, so that means we get to stretch out and play 2 sets – we’ll have time to dig deep into our repertoire and play some epic guitar solos. It will be a great show! We go on at 10 PM.
Then on Saturday, 3/21 Bull City is playing our debut at the Pinhook, downtown Durham’s great new venue. The show will be in celebration of Johnny Cash’s birthday – that means you’ll get to hear our interpretation of a Johnny Cash song or two. The show starts at 10 PM, and you can find more info here:
In other Bull City news, I’m happy to announce that we have (finally) begun work on a new album! We started recording some tracks at my studio over the past couple of weeks and on Sunday we’ll be going to our friend Ryan Pickett’s studio to do more. We have a great collection of songs that we’re very excited to get out into the world! More news on that soon…”
Thursday, March 19
The Cave in Chapel Hill
Show starts at 10 PM
Saturday, March 21
The Pinhook in Durham
Show starts at 10 PM

Worldwide Praise for Luke’s Jackson’s …And Then Some continues to pour in…

“…an eloquent, expressive set that exudes both confidence and an enthusiasm that’s downright infectious. Jackson’s drive and desire race at full throttle. And yet, in those moments of sublime repose, where the strings swell and the emotions soar, he demonstrates an intrinsic taste, craft and intelligence that affirm his natural pop pedigree. “It’s only January, but it’s not too early to declare … And Then Some one of the most significant discoveries of the year.” 9/10
– Lee Zimmerman, Blurt

“I had never heard of Luke Jackson before but today he is the smartest man alive!”
– What To Wear During An Orange Alert

“The sweet guitar fills, the cascading harmonies, Jackson’s happy as heck vocals — it’s all here, a complete pop package.”
– Mike Bennett, Hablo Ennui

“Wer auf knackigen Pop-Rock und atmosphärische, melancholische Kleinode steht, der wird hier bestens bedient.”
– Markus Kerren,

“Sounding something like Teenage Fanclub if they were lost in Scandinavia and developed a taste for string sections …And Then Some is power pop paradise that’s as lush as it is poppy. With lush, delicate arrangements, the tender moments on …And Then Some become even more poignant and emotional…”A Little Voice,” is a perfect example of this as Luke Jackson gently plucks his guitar to a harmonizing string arrangement that makes the song so hauntingly fragile that it sounds as if the song might just break. Songs like these are intimate heartfelt breathers that show Luke Jackson to be in touch with his soul; they truly are stunning songs.”

– Paul Zimmerman, First Coast News 

“Från de här förtsättningarna får vi helt enkelt en snygg, nittiotalsinspirerad britpopplatta med snygga arrangemang”
– Petter Seander, Red Hot Rock Magazine

“Instantly catchy choruses and plenty of dreamy harmonies. This is a expressive album that wears it’s heart on it’s sleeve. Fans of Bleu, Jeff Lynne, Canadian or Swedish power pop will flip for Luke Jackson. Just an excellent album that touches the spectrum of emotions. 8/10
-Aaron Kupferberg,

“A Little Voice is the kind of affecting rumination that would resonate widely (instead of just deeply) if only some enterprising song wrangler were to place it over the closing scene to a Grey’s Anatomy episode.” 
– John Sakamoto, Toronto Star

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Taking a break from steady work on their second record, Down By Avalon return for the second year in a row to play La Leche League of Chapel Hill‘s Rock The Baby Festival Saturday, May 9th. The outdoor annual family fun festival offers activities for kids and adults of all ages. As Alan puts it, “Talk about a worthy cause!” More details to follow or check La Leche’s festival site for updates.

In case you hadn’t caught them live lately, the band recently welcomed Scott DeMattos to the fold. Scott adds some full-time electric guitar, but is a multi-instrumentalist veteran of many great triangle bands. 

Chris Warren has been featured in the latest episode of What’s All This Then?, a podcast devoted to “innovative, exceptional and bizarre Toronto Artists” with host Ben Mueller-Heaslip of the Parkdale Revolutionary Orchestra.  

Chris reflects on fifteen years of performing and recording music and his new album “Night For Day” in this in-depth interview.

Subscribe to W.A.T.T. on iTunes or stream from their site.  

(Night For Day also received a great review in this month’s Exclaim)


To put it simply, these are a few of our favourite things. 
Jason is a Montreal songwriter and poet. His poetry collections include The Animal Library (2000), Attention All Typewriters (2005) and The Debaucher (2008).
Musically speaking, Camlot played drums in the SF punk outfit The Tuning Knives, led by Robert McNiell (thereafter of The Softs, and now of The Country Teasers). He has collaborated with superb finger-style player and songwriter Kenny Smilovitch for years in the folk noir duo Letterbomb. He also plays bass with the Montreal based Rawk Group Puggy Hammer as well as his 4-Track distortion-pop project JC SPED.
Back in the mid-1990s, while oscillating between San Francisco and Montreal, Jason released three amazing cassette albums in quick succession: O Glee (1994), Mr. Fedora (1995) and the aforementioned duo record Letterbomb (1996).  
UM dude Dan Bryk was an intern at Canadian folk underground label and mail-order distro Amatish Records when the stark photocopy-on-cream-paper sleeve of O Glee caught his eye in a demo pile. When it didn’t catch the ear of Amatish’s fearless leader Bill Monahan, Bryk took it in the car and listened. Over and over. This was amazing stuff. It took a while (every band didn’t have a myspace page back then) but Bryk finally located a copy of Mr. Fedora. 
These were quiet records, released in the midst of nineties overproduction and grunge bombast. Camlot’s intimate, opaquely confessional songs went completely unheralded. Recorded sparely, superficially “folk”, yet filled with bravura fingerpicking, monstrous, angular hooks and intense wordplay that verges on incantation, where did Jason Camlot fit in? Eric Matthews was dabbling with orchestras. Elliot Smith was still playing grunge in Heatmiser. (Leonard Cohen? he was that old guy playing synth pop and dating that blonde twentysomething actress… you know, the guy Don Henley and Trisha Yearwood covered.)
Fortunately, Camlot’s tapes traveled by word of mouth through the Canadian indie-rock underground over the following decade, to the point where they had been traded and burned enough times that we decided it was time to get them above-ground. We found Jason in Montreal at his job teaching Victorian literature at Concordia. Duly impressed by such punk-rock cred, we asked if we could re-release O Glee and Mr. Fedora. He obliged, pulling an amazing batch of full band and Letterbomb tracks out of a shoebox and fitting them in at the end of the original track lists. 
We tweaked the covers and pushed the project forward. We look forward to releasing two more collections of recorded but unmixed tracks, as well as a proposed album of brand new material.
You can buy O Glee and Mr. Fedora direct at CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon or your favourite download store of choice.
Or don’t just take our word for it, check out tracks at Jason’s myspace page and his blog “All Types”.