Jason Camlot will link up with Kenny Smilovitch (which, together, makes Letterbomb) on December 15th to play a benefit gig for the Montreal organization Dans La Rue. 

 Other bands on the bill: Rosebuddy, and Puggy Hammer (the shite punk garage rawk band in which Camlot plays bass).  Yes, that’s right, Camlot will perform with two bands in one night.  It all happens in Montreal, December 15th at Missy Bar, 250 Mont Royal E.  845-7946.  Doors open at 8pm.

Jason Camlot is a Montreal songwriter and poet.  His poetry collections include The Animal Library (DC Books, 2000), Lines Crossed Out (Delirium Press, 2005) and Attention All Typewriters (DC Books, 2005).
Back in the mid-1990s he released three legendary cassette albums in quick succession: O Glee (1994), Mr. Fedora (1995) and Letterbomb (1996).

Then he got a job. 

Blemish Years: 1994-1997, Camlot’s forthcoming CD release via the Urban Myth Recording Collective, is a documentary compilation of this extended annus mirabilis, featuring stunning tracks from his first two acoustic records, plus an eclectic selection of unreleased studio and home 4 track recordings from this extremely creative period of medium-grade depression and impermanent exile.

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Peace, a short film starring That ’70s Show‘s Kurtwood Smith, will screen at Hollywood’s Chinese Theater on 10/9/05 as a part of the F.A.I.F. Film Festival.  Featured prominently in the short is Urban Myth artist Corey Landis in the form of his song, “I’ll Never Buy You Flowers” (from 2003’s Feast of Scraps) which plays over the film’s climactic scene and closing credits.

April 30, 1927: Practicing for the very first footprint ceremony, Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks, and Sid Grauman (kneeling). We’re hoping to see Landis doing this someday…


Here is a handy list of known UM releases for your edification.

Some of these are admittedly out of physical print, and this list will no doubt be incomplete by the time you read this. More detailed info for many releases can be found in our recordings section. 

um-101-2 Chris Warren – Crazy Wisdom (1996)

um-102-2 Dan Bryk – Dan Bryk, Asshole (1996)

um-103-2 Chris Staig – Deeper We’ll Dream (2000)

um-104-2 The Bicycles – As-Is Ep (2000)

um-105-2 Luke Jackson – Momentum (2000)

um-106-2 Dan Bryk – Lovers Leap (2000/2007 reissue)

um-107-2 Chris Staig – Death of Romance (2002)

umcl-0001 Corey Landis – Feast of Scraps (2003)

um-108-2 Chris Warren – Beautiful Ruins (2004)

umcl-0002 Corey Landis – 14 Old Messages (2005)

um-110-2 Chris Staig – Davenport (2006)

um-111-2 Dan Bryk – Rocks Nobody EP (1998/2006 reissue)

um-114-2 Lee Feldman – I’ve Forgotten Everything (2006)

um-115-2 Dan Bryk – Christmas Record (nov 2006)

um-116-2 Dan Bryk – Pop Psychology (fall 2008, co-release with F*ck Music)

um-117-2 Down By Avalon – Down By Avalon (2007)

um-118-2 Corey Landis – Corey Landis (2007)

um-120-2 Bull City – Guns & Butter (2007)

um-121-2 Dan Bryk – Discount Store EP (2007, co-release with Firefly)

um-122-2 Chris Warren – Night For Day (october 2008)

um-125-2 Jason Camlot – O Glee (digital reissue, fall 2008)

um-126-2 Jason Camlot – Mr. Fedora (digital reissue, fall 2008)

um-127-2 Chris Staig – Mary (spring 2009)

um-128-2 Amy Allison – Sheffield Streets (summer 2009)

um-131-1 Corey Landis – Therapy Dog (vinyl, summer 2013)

um-132-1 Chris Staig – Shack by the Tracks (vinyl LP, winter 2015)

um-132-2 Chris Staig – Shack by the Tracks (CD, winter 2015)

um-133-2 Shit I’m In Love With You Again! OST (Promo CD, 2016)

um-134-2 Edge – Keep Me Around (digital, fall 2019)

um-134-1 Edge – Keep Me Around (vinyl LP, summer 2020)

By Special Arrangement with Bonafide Records:

um-129-2 Lee Feldman – Halo EP (Jan 2012)

um-130-2 Lee Feldman – Album No. 4: Trying to Put the Things Together that Never Been Together Before (Jan 2012)

By Special Arrangement with Footlodgedindoor Music:

um-135-2 Kathryn Rose – Something I Can Use (digital, Jan 2019)

um-136-2 Wind May Do Damage – Self-titled (digital, summer 2020)

um-137-2 Wind May Do Damage – The Binds of Blood (digital, summer 2020)

um-138-2 Kathryn Rose – Every Lurid Detail (digital, summer 2020)

um-139-2 Kathryn Rose – My Little Flame (digital, summer 2020)

um-140-2 Kathryn Rose – My Little Flame [Deluxe] (digital, summer 2020)

um-141-2 Kathryn Rose – Kathryn Rose (digital, summer 2020)

By Special Arrangement with Popsicle Recordings

um-119-2 Favorita – Favorita (2007)

um-123-7 Luke Jackson – Come Tomorrow 7″/DVD single (october 2008)

um-124-1 Luke Jackson – And Then Some… 180 gram audiophile vinyl (october 2008)

um-124-2 Luke Jackson – and then some… CD (october 2008)

For Planned Release:

um-133-2 Dan Bryk – Self-Imposed Exile (TBD)

All Urban Myth releases (except for Chris Staig’s, for some reason) are now available for download from a wide variety of online etailers including
  • Apple’s iTunes Music Store
  • AOL Music
  • BuyMusic
  • Emusic
  • Liquid
  • LoudEye (Cingular mMode)
  • MSN Music
  • Musicmatch
  • Napster
  • PureTracks
  • Rhapsody
  • Ruckus
  • Sony Connect

We are chuffed to announce that the Bicycles have signed to Toronto’s Fuzzy Logic records. Their album, half-recorded and produced in Chapel Hill, NC by Dan Bryk (with Robert Sledge at the board) and half-recorded by themselves at home is currently being mixed by Jose Contreras (By Divine Right, Meligrove Band) for release in 2006. B-B-B-B-B-Bicycles!

Dan Bryk’s widely-acclaimed second long-player “Lovers Leap” will finally return to record stores this fall. Currently available in its Scratchie Records Y2K form from download services like iTunes Music Store and AOL Music, the deluxe Urban Myth reissue will feature both unreleased bonus tracks and new artwork. 

Chris Staig is putting the finishing touches on a new album for Urban Myth to be titled Davenport. All we know so far is that it was produced by Josh Hicks at the Purple Tea Room in Kitchener-Waterloo, and that the album was recorded as a wedding present from Josh to Chris and his new wife Emma. Since Emma didn’t have any material to record (being neither a musician or a songwriter) apparently it became Chris’ third solo platter. Congratulations Chris and Emma!

The Urban Myth Galaxy of Stars:

Chris Warren (Toronto)
Dan Bryk (Dar Es Salaam)
Chris Staig (Toronto)
Luke Jackson (London)
Corey Landis (Los Angeles)
Jason Camlot (Montreal)
Lee Feldman (NYC)
Down By Avalon (Chapel Hill)
Bull City (Durham)

We are pleased to report that the Bicycles have signed with Toronto’s Fuzzy Logic label for their forthcoming album!