Urban Myth Brief Discography

Here is a handy list of known UM releases for your edification.

Some of these are admittedly out of physical print, and this list will no doubt be incomplete by the time you read this. More detailed info for many releases can be found in our recordings section. 

um-101-2 chris warren – crazy wisdom (1996)

um-102-2 dan bryk – dan bryk, asshole (1996)

um-103-2 chris staig – deeper we’ll dream (2000)

um-104-2 the bicycles – as-is EP (2000)

um-105-2 luke jackson – momentum (2000)

um-106-2 dan bryk – lovers leap (2000/2007 reissue)

um-107-2 chris staig – death of romance (2002)

umcl-0001 corey landis – feast of scraps (2003)

um-108-2 chris warren – beautiful ruins (2004)

umcl-0002 corey landis – 14 old messages (2005)

um-110-2 chris staig – davenport (2006)

um-111-2 dan bryk – rocks nobody EP (1998/2006 reissue)

um-114-2 lee feldman – i’ve forgotten everything (2006)

um-115-2 dan bryk – christmas record (nov 2006)

um-116-2 dan bryk – pop psychology (fall 2008, co-release with Fuck Music)

um-117-2 down by avalon – down by avalon (2007)

um-118-2 corey landis – corey landis (2007)

um-120-2 bull city – guns & butter (2007)

um-121-2 dan bryk – discount store EP (2007, co-release with Firefly)

um-122-2 chris warren – night for day (october 2008)

um-125-2 jason camlot – O glee (digital reissue, fall 2008)

um-126-2 jason camlot – mr. fedora (digital reissue, fall 2008)

um-127-2 chris staig – Mary (spring 2009)

um-128-2 amy allison – sheffield streets (summer 2009)

um-131-1 corey landis – therapy dog (vinyl, summer 2013)

um-132-1 chris staig – Shack by the Tracks (vinyl, winter 2015)

um-132-2 chris staig – Shack by the Tracks (CD, winter 2015)


By Special Arrangement with Bonafide Records

um-129-2 lee feldman – Halo EP (january 2012)

um-130-2 lee feldman – Album No. 4: Trying to Put the Things Together that Never Been Together Before (may 2012)


By Special Arrangement with Popsicle Recordings

um-119-2 favorita – favorita (2007)

um-123-7 luke jackson – come tomorrow 7″/DVD single (october 2008)

um-124-1 luke jackson – and then some… 180 gram audiophile vinyl (october 2008)

um-124-2 luke jackson – and then some… CD (october 2008)


For Planned Release:

um-133-2 dan bryk – self-imposed exile (TBD)


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