What’s that smell? *Sniff* What’s that? Mothballs? Is grampy coming out of retirement?

It took a while to find the time and skills to recover our site content from the script kiddies’ assault that took it down for a long while, but here it is… again… and it’s called… a website. With new improved truly inscrutable passwords. And updates. Automatic ones.

Attempting to forget about their clichéd seasons of mid-careerism and child-rearing, the now officially old folks at Urban Myth are coming out of the closet with a boutique-ful of superb new releases and bonus-laden catalog. Even our first “best of” (by arrangement with Spain’s muy saliente You Are The Cosmos label.)

We admittedly slept on the first few years of the vinyl re-revolution, but we’re jumping on that bandwagon like irony on an sophomore’s reading list!

In any case, welcome back and stroll around the grounds &c. as we keep adding all that fresh new content.

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