Pop Psychology not Chinese Democracy



Dan Bryk’s long-threatened Pop Psychology takes a few steps away from myth this week. In the past month, Bryk has mixed 6/11ths of the album at his Flabby Road abode, finalized the cover art and even settled on a track listing.

Bryk insists that the album, five years in the making (even accounting for some large periods of procrastination and uh, suicidal ideation) will be finished by the end of the month because “I have to return some audio gear to its rightful owners before they send people over to the house to fuck me up.”


Here’s the cover:





Here’s the track listing:


1. Treat o’ the Week
2. Discount Store
3. The Next Best Thing
4. Apologia
5. Horizons, In My Way
6. City Of…
7. I Won’t Make That Mistake Again
8. My Own Worst Enemy
9. Street Team
10. My Alleged Career
11. Whatever Doesn’t Kill You Can Still Make You Cry

Here’s everything else we know about the record (according to Bryk):

  • Track 1: “my deteriorata”
  • Track 3: “answer song to We Built This City
  • Track 6: “is about slumming it in Toronto in the late nineties. there’s also a metaphor.”
  • Track 7: “a Gary Lewis and the Playboys cover with a Swinghammer fuzztone solo(!) ”
  • Track 8: “my freebird, it has like 5 guitar solos in a row.”
  • Track 9: “was originally for a split single with Nova Social that got mothballed when they bailed on indie rock for the greener pastures of eurodance. seamus and matt from SNMNMN also do some scream singing on it. it also has some somewhat dated band references to bands that were huge at the time and now aren’t. which only proves my point, i guess.”
  • Track 11: “my jonathan livingston seagull”

If all goes well, we’re looking at an October release. Keep an eye out for tracks on myspace and reverbnation over the next few months…

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