Discount Store “in stores now”

Discount Store is finally available from the Bryk’s UM Shop,, a variety of online retailers and Triangle retail stores including Schoolkids Records (Raleigh and Chapel Hill), Offbeat Music (Durham) and CD Alley (Chapel Hill).

Bryk has two Triangle radio interviews booked this month: the first at The Triangle’s News and Information Station WPTF 680 (“the home of Rush Limbaugh in the Triangle”, no, really) this Saturday July 21 at 10pm, as a guest on the Bob Langford show. We’re chatting about the local music scene, etc… not politics! (Sorry, out-of-towners, no webcast, but we’ll try to tape it for posterity.)

He will also appear (and perform live) on Ross Grady‘s WXDU show, Sunday July 29th between 5 and 7. That show will be webcast.

Discount Store entered the WXDU chart at #24 this week, and was a new add last week at WXYC Chapel Hill. It’s currently in (and we quote) “heavy rotation” at WKNC.

Finally, here’s some early Discount Store bloggery:


Absolute Power Pop

STICK (we really have NO IDEA what that means.)

Dan Bryk

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