STARBOY on YouTube

Check out Lee Feldman’s STARBOY on YouTube!  

Book, lyrics & music by Lee Feldman.  Animation & storyboard by Joe Campbell.

STARBOY is a 30 minute, animated musical about a sad superhero who lives in an apartment with his uncle, a mathematician.  STARBOY is a two-dimensional superhero, but he’s in love with a real girl (The Girl Who Loves Contrapuntal Music) whom he sees every day at the Greek Diner.  The Girl Who Loves Contrapuntal Music works for an evil boss (The Co-Dependent Boss), and each day she sits at her desk listening to music by her favorite composer (Dietrich Buxtehude) on headphones.   

Meanwhile, sponges deep in the ocean (The Sponges) are calling STARBOY on their underwater phones, leaving mysterious messages on his answering machine.  They want him to save them . . .  

STARBOY was shown at The Whitney Museum of American Art last December.  


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