Lee on WFMU


Lee Feldman marks his return to the venerable studio of New Joisey’s mighty freeform station WFMU this coming Monday.

Lee live on WFMU (91.1 FM)
Irene Trudel’s show
Monday, March 19th
3 – 6 pm
Interwebcast live at www.wfmu.org  

WFMU’s website says: Evoking platitudes from reviewers such as, “Harry Nilsson meets Fats Waller,” and “Randy Newman by way of Lou Reed and Paul Simon,” Lee Feldman is a very entertaining singer, pianist, and songwriter. His third album, “I’ve Forgotten Everything” is, according to Stereophile Magazine, “unlike anything else in contemporary pop.” Lee is also the creator of STARBOY, an animated musical about a 2-dimensional superhero who lives with his uncle, a Mathematician. Lee brings his trio to WFMU.

Hell, if we were to write a press release, it would probably go something like that!

(FYI, Dan Bryk’s recent WFMU appearance (on Pseu Braun’s show) has been archived for your listening plaisir here).

Starboy makes Kids’ Top Five


Warren Truitt, the NY Public Library’s Children’s Librarian (who previously weighed in with a glowing review of Starboy on his Kids Music That Rocks blog) has posted his 2006 Top Twenty Albums for Kids, and…

Lee Feldman’s animated rock music soundtrack STARBOY is #5!

If you love your child, you should buy it!!

More on Starboy at www.starboy.us or become Starboy’s myspace friend. Take that, Cathy and Marcie!!

Starboy at Secret Science Club!


Now this is intriguing! Lee Feldman’s celebrated music/animation spectacular Starboy will be presented to the Secret Science Club.

The details:

Wednesday March 7, 2007
Astrophysicist and Director of the Hayden Planetarium Neil deGrasse Tyson lectures, followed by a showing of Starboy.

And in case you were wondering,

The Secret Science Club is a series of talks by scientists followed by music.
It is open to the public and meets the first Wednesday of every month in the basement of Union Hall bar in Park Slope, Brooklyn.
Union Hall is at 702 Union St. (at 5th Ave.) in Park Slope
Web: unionhallny.com

It doesn’t get much nerdier than that! Mark your PalmPilot.

Lee Feldman’s Initial I.P.O.

Lee Feldman

In recent financial news, Lee Feldman (NYSE: ROCK) will be performing at New York’s International Pop Overthrow Festival on Monday, November 13th at Baggot Inn, NYC. (That’s Baggot with a B.)

In other exiciting Feldman news, young and upcoming filmmaker Maya Mumma is making a documentary about Lee, “focusing on his life, music, apartment, etc.” Apparently the soundtrack may actually feature music by… Lee Feldman. Imagine that!

Lee Feldman Blog-o-Rama!

The Album

Some reviews of I’ve Forgotten Everything you might have missed…

“Imagine if Charlie Brown made pop records…”

Blog in Dm
“Blending irony and wit, seasoning with tasteful piano improvisations and grooves, Feldman and his band –a tight group– sing and play sensitive songs about uncomfortable situations. Tin Pan Alley on Prozac.”

Talkin’ Broadway Sound Advice
“It’s a change-of-pace dreamy trip, not in any particular genre for any length of time, but some of this is theatrical in its own little way.”

“Zip up your Chicken Little suits. Fall’s coming.”

And lastly, a post-post-facto rave review of Always Till Always from Mocking Music that begins “I’m pretty sure Feldman is a pop genius.”